Kota Tua (Old Batavia)

Kota Tua, is a neighborhood comprising the original downtown area of Jakarta It is also known as Oud Batavia (Dutch “Old Batavia”), Benedenstad (Dutch “Lower City”, contrasting it with Weltevreden, de Bovenstad (“Upper City”)), or Kota Lama (Indonesian “Old Town”).

Oud Batavia is home to several important historical sites and buildings:

1. Cafe Batavia

2.Fine Art and Ceramic Museum (Former Court of Justice)

3.Gereja Sion (17th century church)

4.Jakarta History Museum (18th century City Hall of Oud Batavia)

5.Glodok and Pinangsia Area (Jakarta Chinatown)

6.Kali Besar (original river of Oud Batavia)

7.Kota Intan Drawbridge (the only surviving Dutch drawbridge in Indonesia)

8.Luar Batang Mosque

9.Maritime Museum and Menara Syahbandar (former warehouses of Oud Batavia)

10.Pasar Ikan (Fish Market)

11.Port of Sunda Kelapa (the original port of Oud Batavia)

12.Jin De Yuan Temple (Vihara Dharma Bhakti, the oldest Buddhist temple in Jakarta)

13.Petak Sembilan Chinese Street Market

14.Toko Merah (18th-century mansion of Governor General Baron Van Imhoff)

15.Wayang Museum (20th-century former Museum of Oud Batavia)

16.Hui Tek Bio Temple

17.Bank Indonesia Museum (former Javasche Bank, the main bank of the Dutch East Indies)

18.Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China

19.Jakarta Kota Post Office (One of a few samples of Nieuwe Zakelijkheid architecture in Indonesia)

20.Jakarta Kota Station (formerly known as BEOS station or Batavia Zuid Station)

21.Bank Mandiri Museum (former Netherlands Trading Society (Dutch: Nederlandsche Handelsmaatschappij), one of a few samples of Nieuwe Zakelijkheid architecture in Indonesia)

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